About My HealthCare Home

Why My HealthCare Home?

The purpose of the My HealthCare Home website is to help you connect to accessible, affordable, quality health services on a regular basis in Nashville and across middle Tennessee.   This is the place to find your family doctor who will provide you with accessible, affordable, high quality care.

My HealthCare Home is about you becoming connected to a regular source of healthcare, a medical home where care providers – doctors, nurses, techs – provide needed services and help patients improve their health. My HealthCare Home clinics provide continuing care – a caring alternative to Emergency Rooms or minute clinics.

My HealthCare Home includes over fifty not-for-profit, community-based clinics across Nashville and surrounding areas, with caring staff to help you meet your healthcare needs.


How are My HealthCare Home clinics accessible?

With over fifty clinics in Nashville and surrounding areas, My HealthCare Home clinics are near you – where our patients work and live. In addition, My HealthCare Home clinics provide the services patients need – from basic primary care to chronic disease management to dental to behavioral health services. Many My HealthCare Home clinics also have evening or Saturday hours. This website helps you find clinics that are accessible and meet your needs. The website is accessible in multiple languages and many of our clinics provide interpretation services for patients who speak languages other than English.


How are My HealthCare Home clinics affordable?

The clinics in My HealthCare Home are dedicated to serving patients who are uninsured and/or have limited incomes. Clinic fees are based upon family size and income. Many clinics accept health insurance – TennCare, individual, or employer-based, but insurance is not required. Community support helps keep costs lower for patients.


How are My HealthCare Home clinics high quality care?

The primary mission of each My HealthCare Home clinic is to provide high quality healthcare to ALL patients. As non-profit organizations, serving our patients and community is our primary goal. Through the Safety Net Consortium, My HealthCare Home clinics work and learn together to better serve our patients. Currently, we are collaborating on a major federally-funded project (the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative) to improve patient care through quality improvement efforts).


Do I have to have health insurance?

No, health insurance is not required to receive care or to have a healthcare home. Patient fees are based upon family size and income. Many My HealthCare Home clinics accept health insurance, but it is not required.


Who came up with the My HealthCare Home website?

My HealthCare Home is a project of the Safety Net Consortium of Middle Tennessee. Since the year 2000, the Safety Net Consortium has worked to improve the health and health care of low income, uninsured residents of Nashville, Davidson County and surrounding areas. The Consortium brings together clinics, providers, academicians, and consumer and community leaders to integrate knowledge and skills to support and care for ALL. Almost all of the clinics listed are members of the Safety Net Consortium.


How is My HealthCare Home funded?

We came up with My HealthCare Home because our research showed that too many individuals and families did not know about our clinics. The website was developed with funding from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as part of a grant to Vanderbilt University Medical Center as part of the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative. Additional support for the website has come from the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, Mental Health America of the Mid-South, and the Nashville Academy of Medicine.


How can my clinic become part of My HealthCare Home?

If you are a provider with a non-profit health clinic in Nashville or Middle Tennessee and do not see your clinic listed, please use the contact form on the home page. A representative of the Safety Net Consortium will contact you about becoming part of My Healthcare Home.